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Leadership in a Disrupted World: Follow-up 

Last week we sent a newsletter with this name, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive - thank you! We decided to resend it as a follow-up, with a couple of improvements and additional resources. We hope you like this "new improved" version.

In 2020, leaders around the world drove radically new ways of working due to the pandemic’s impact on the economy and human wellbeing. Covid-19 is giving us an unmissable opportunity to build the leadership and team capabilities needed for shifting realities such as climate disasters (recall the tragic 2020 bushfires and the 2021 floods in NSW) and potential new pandemics.

The pandemic has reminded us of the triple imperatives of evidence-based leadership development, employee well-being, and work transformation. However, most executives are still missing the importance of connecting the three. Organizations that integrate leadership development/coaching and employee wellbeing into the design of work transformation will build a sustainable future where all employees can feel and perform at their best.

At ProVeritas Group, we are privileged to be able to help leaders and their teams do just that - integrate their leadership and team coaching, wellbeing and work transformation initiatives. Not only are business goals met and often exceeded, but the wellbeing of stakeholders is also being achieved. In other words, high performance is being achieved without the risk of burnout (ie, sustainable high performance).

We are therefore delighted to share the following resources in the hope they will spark further interest in how positive business transformation outcomes can be achieved by integrating your leadership development efforts and wellbeing throughout the whole organization.

Warm regards,

Leadership Reimagined: Enter the 21st Century Leader
Our new reality, the 4th Industrial Revolution, calls for different, evidence-based approaches to developing leaders. The transformation and wellbeing of individuals, organisations, communities, and the world at large depend on it.

Managing stress begins with self-knowledge
Employee burnout is escalating at an alarming rate globally, with an estimated $125-190 billion in related healthcare spending each year (WHO, 2019). In many cases, toxic leader-follower relationships lead to burnout.

Goal setting supports wellbeing
Goals serve a directive function; they direct attention towards relevant activities, and away from irrelevant activities They have an energising function, leading to greater efforts both cognitively and behaviourally, and hence, help support wellbeing.

Mindfulness, emotional intelligence & leadership coaching
Mindfulness helps in the development of crucial leadership skills for high performance such as emotional intelligence (i.e., self-awareness, self-management, empathy and positive relationships) as well as physical and mental wellbeing.

The leader’s character can inspire high performance
Excellent performance can only be achieved when companies’ leadership profiles reflect their unique culture, strategy, business model and context. In a way, this becomes the company’s unique behavioural signature.
Scientists In Every Boardroom
This eye-opening book is for all organisational leaders seeking to reimagine leadership. You’ll be shown the why and how to lead rationally whilst cultivating emotional intelligence, maximising innovation, engagement, profitability, wellbeing and growth for all stakeholders.
Dr Ruby Campbell
Founder and Managing Director
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NSW, 2113 Australia
ProVeritas Group acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual, and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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