Hello Coaching for Growth readers,

I'm thrilled to welcome new readers from all over the world after attending recent conferences and meeting new colleagues. I sincerely hope you enjoy our brief - yet rich in resources - quarterly newsletter. It's been a wonderfully productive year thanks to the steadfast support from our clients, associates, partners, advisors and suppliers. Indeed, it's been a year of consolidating and writing about a salient issue and turning it into a published book - Scientists in Every Boardroom

We'll continue to share helpful information about leadership development in general, as well as STEMM leadership. In doing so, we might all join in dissolving the many unconscious biases preventing organisations and governments from embracing evidence-based decision making. I'm hopeful, very hopeful because we now have an evidence-based methodology, which we aptly named The SCIENCE of Leadership and is the coaching framework discussed in the book. 

I'd like to briefly share the highlights of two recent public-speaking engagements, which signalled the release of the book:
  • Leadership: Courage Required - this was the theme of the 21st annual conference of the International Global Association (ILA), held in Ottawa, Ontario, on 24-27th October. I was honoured to speak at a special session on Coaching STEMM Leaders to Transition to the C-Suite and Transform Organisations. Many people in the audience offered their contact details afterwards requesting a copy of the slides and further information about the book (which hadn't made it Amazon yet). It was heartening to share with other leadership development professionals "our work" on evidence-based leadership coaching. When I say "our work", I refer to the groundbreaking work of countless researchers and practitioners dedicated to evidence-based practice in HR and Learning & Development, which is unapologetically discussed in the book. Click here for the ILA Presentation Slides.
  • Interactive Workshop by the NSW RACI - The NSW Royal Australian Chemical Institute kindly hosted the first book launch event in Australia for Scientists in Every Boardroom, held at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) on the 6th Nov. It was terrific seeing so many familiar and new faces from diverse backgrounds. Everyone there received a free copy of Scientists in Every Boardroom. During breakout sessions, smaller groups discussed the behaviours of good and bad leaders, which were, unsurprisingly, consistent with previous client feedback. In another (provocative) breakout session, audience members gave their thoughts on the biases, stereotypes and other systemic obstacles holding STEMM folk back from becoming more influential and reaching the top, also extensively discussed in the book (pages 68 and 163). Click here for the RACI Presentation Slides (same as the ILA's slides). And congratulations to Morgan Philp from UTS, the winner of the lucky door prize - a free career coaching session valued at $500!
If you're curious about The SCIENCE of Leadership, which is the evidence-based methodology used in our coaching practice to help leaders transition to the C-Suite, we're delighted to provide a FREE book sample.

We're looking forward to running more workshops on The SCIENCE of Leadership in 2020 not just here in Australia but also in Asia Pacific and North America. For further enquiries on dates, or to book an in-house workshop, head over to our website www.proveritas.com.au or email us at info@proveritas.com.au.
Wishing you continued growth,

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