Welcome to our first newsletter of 2021. We hope you took time to reset (to switch off) during the Holiday break. As we mentioned in our December newsletter, resetting is a central aspect of evidence-based self-care to enable us to continue to perform when back to our “regular” lives (our setpoint).
With unprecedented and ongoing changes in the workplace, the economy, and society at large, you may be wondering whether your setpoint is still relevant or if it needs to be realigned. According to the Collins dictionary: “if you realign your plans, you organise them in a different way to take account of new circumstances”.… such as the evolving reality of 2021.
After resetting and realigning (heading in the right direction), you will be in a better position to restart. When you switch off something, repair or realign it, and then restart, it will function well again. And if you want it to perform at a higher level, you will likely have to add something else i.e., boost its capabilities.  
  1. To realign your 2021, consider asking:
    1. How do I know that my plans are heading in the right direction in 2021?
    2. What are my guiding principles?
    3. Explore and identify your top 5 values and keep top of mind in all crucial decision-making, especially when pursuing aspirations (hopes and ambitions) and goals (the anticipated result or achievement).
  2. To restart your 2021 and flourish:
    1. Assess how much time and energy you currently invest in all areas of your life. A useful tool is the Wheel of Life, which you can download by clicking the diagram below.
    2. Ask: What are my hopes or ambitions of achieving something? What resources do I need (tangibles and intangibles)?
    3. What goals can I set in 2021 that are energising and nurturing? 
    4.  What skills/capabilities must I build to pursue my short, medium and long-term goals? 

If you'd like to learn more about these or any other coaching concepts, please visit our website at www.proveritas.com.au which is full of free resources. If you think someone in your network might benefit from this content, feel free to forward this newsletter to them. Scroll down for our contact details.

We face ongoing challenges throughout 2021 and beyond, as we learn to deal with global crises such as the pandemic and climate change. Tragically, many countries are facing these crises with significantly fewer resources than us here in Australia.

Hence, as we set aside time to reset, realign and restart, let's consider "training our compassion" (a term borrowed from the book Human Kind: A Hopeful History, by Rutger Bregman) as a 2021 goal. Let's do good without expecting something in return.

Practising gratitude daily, being kind to ourselves and to others, and becoming more other-focused can help to safeguard our mental health and overall wellbeing. As leaders, our teams need us to keep an even keel in these stormy waters. 

Wishing you continued growth, 

Ruby & Associates


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We are dedicated to developing C-Suite and Boardroom leaders with the right capabilities to navigate today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) landscape to generate positive outcomes that benefit all stakeholders. Since better outcomes are produced by cognitively diverse leadership teams and boards, we are also on a mission to equip leaders from STEMM fields (science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine) to transition to the C-Suite and the Boardroom effectively and sustainably.

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