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We offer sophisticated cutting edge executive leadership development and coaching solutions to meet the leadership needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are best known for helping leaders and their teams develop the right capabilities to grow and succeed in today’s world of accelerating complexity.

Leadership Coaching

Emotional Intelligence, visioning, sense-making, inventing and other essential leadership capabilities.


Leadership Consulting

Evidence-based, customised L&D solutions to equip 21st Century leaders achieve business outcomes sustainably.


Team Coaching

Helping teams function as more than “the sum of its parts” by learning how to connect and collaborate effectively.


What our clients have to say

Who we work with

Our clients come from a wide range of sectors and industries and can be Australian organisations or multinational subsidiaries. We are also engaged by individuals privately. Our clients are from middle management upwards (General Managers, Directors, VPs, C-Suite). They can be individuals with high potential, those with significant responsibility and who have the potential to develop and change, as well as teams.

The book - 'Scientists in Every Boardroom' by Dr Ruby Campbell

Newly Released: 'Scientists in Every Boardroom'

Harnessing the Power of STEMM Leaders in an Irrational World

Ruby Campbell is revolutionising the way corporate business leaders and scientists need to think about leadership - maximising innovation, engagement, profitability and growth.

This book will show you which leadership skills are most sought after in the 21st Century, and how to develop them. You’ll also understand why you’re best placed to become the leaders of the future, today. Through case studies and evidence-based methodology, this book will teach you how to deal with systemic biases and urban myths about STEMM leaders. You’ll be inspired to lead with purpose.

Available through AMAZON Australia and AMAZON PRIME or contact us here.


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