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Coaching for Growth Newsletter: Issue 10, December 2018

Dear Reader,

It’s wonderful to finally be able to share with you a few “golden learning moments” after attending two premier international executive coaching conferences: the 7th International Coaching in Leadership Forum and the Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference 2018 – both organised by the Harvard McClean Medical School Institute of Coaching (IOC). I say finally because the conferences were followed by a long and invigorating visit with family and friends in Florida.

With world-class coaches, scientists and C-level leaders from myriad fields e.g., corporate, sports, medicine, academia, psychology, etc. I came away from the 2018 Harvard IOC conferences with a wealth of insights on the nexus of leadership, neuroscience and coaching interventions from an evidence-based perspective.

This wealth of knowledge has been captured in three separate blog articles, which I hope is of benefit to you and your team:

1) 10 Leadership lessons from International Coaching in Leadership Forum – Harvard Medical School.
2) The nexus of neuroscience/coaching/leadership as the new frontier.
3) Avoid burnout: it’s time to renew the evidence-based way.

You might also enjoy checking out the many resources listed below, as well as in the ProVeritas Group website.

Until the next newsletter edition…

Wishing you continued growth,


Valuable Resources

Watch the TED video on Mindfulness and the Brain - the process by which our brain decides what's important out of the constant stream of information it receives

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Get the High-Performance Coaching infographic , with all the ingredients to achieve high performance sustainably.


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